Monday, September 23, 2019

Quilting and backpack repairs

A rather uneventful weekend at our house.  Laundry, laundry and more laundry seem to be the norm right now.  Uniforms and practice clothes have increased the number, but that's to be expected.  We found a new backpack at a thrift store for her recently.  It's a Vera Bradley which is all the rage at her school.  The zippers are all good, but the inside of the backpack straps has rips.  I got coordinating colored fabric and prewashed it.  Last night I cut it and have pinned it to the straps.  Now I need to pick out thread and sew it.  It will be my first test of my walking foot since it's several layers and I really don't want it bunch up.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be all done and just a memory.  Sprout is dying to have it finished. 

I also prewashed and cut the fabric for WonderfulTeacher's quilt.  I finalized the plan and have started pinning things.  Tonight I'll start sewing and if all goes well then I'll have it done in and day or two.  If I push it I might have the top done tonight, but that's if things go really smoothly.  If not I'll have it for the game Thursday night.  The top will get signed by the kids and then I'll put it all together.  I think the backing and edging don't take as long as cutting and piecing.  I'm going to alter the plan just a bit to include a foot pocket at the bottom by attaching a piece of fleece on the back at the bottom.  It will make treatment hopefully a little easier. 

I weeded some flower beds and I'm ready to cut back some flowers that have bloomed all they are going to this year.  After I get the quilt all done then I'm going to finish up my winterizing outside.  FarmBoy sprayed weeds and yard overgrowth around where the new pens are.  The dirt piles aren't all spread out yet so it wasn't possible to mow and things got out of hand.  It's all starting to die off and when he can the yard will get leveled and ready for grass seed.  We should have enough time for the grass to start to grow before winter hits.  My excitement for the holidays is starting to build and I'm in the mood to start preparing my holiday planner.  Things are going to be a bit crazy this year since WestCoastSis is coming for a quick Christmas trip east.  More to come on that one though.

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